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TOU Enhancement request
« on: April 18, 2012, 06:22:54 AM »
I have South California Edison (SCE) for my electric company and recently switched my rate from the standard 5 tiers to their TOU-D-EV plan.  This gives me two tiers and three TOU periods.  On-Peak, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak.  I updated my TED 5000 with the new TOU rate information and I was set.  Or at least I thought I was until about 12 days into my billing cycle.  TED was reporting that I was in Tier 2 even though I clearly wasn't.  After a bit of thought process I figured out the problem and would like to make an offical TOU rate enhancement request (or get an idea how I can tweak TED to report properly.)

SCE gives each TOU period their own set of tiers.  In my example, I'll keep Tier 1 at 0 - 100 KWh and tier 2 at 101 KWh and up.  If I use 50 KWh's during On-Peak, 90 KWh's in Off-Peak and 120 KWh's in Super Off-Peak, I will still be in Tier 1 during On and Off peak times, but Tier 2 during Super Off-Peak.  The problem is that TED can't separate out the different usages based on the time.  So when I exceed 100 KWh's anytime during the billing cycle, TED reports that I am in Tier 2 even though I may not be based on the time of day.

Is it possible to have TED configured to see/calculate the tiering based on the usage for individual TOU periods rather than a cumulative total usage?  Can this be an enhancement to the firmware?  If so, do I need to open a support ticket or post somewhere else in the forums?

Thanks in advance for any tips or ideas on if this can be done without a firmware enhancement.


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Re: TOU Enhancement request
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2012, 05:54:30 PM »
There is no way for TED to fit settings and calculations for the almost infinite number of possible 'flavors' of utility rates within a finite firmware ROM footprint. Their response to this and similar requests has to be the recommendation that you download your raw data and use (e.g.) Excel to perform the specific calculations that your particular situation requires.
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