Author Topic: Issue after years of working - Does not record info and MTU's stopped working  (Read 3008 times)


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I am VERY technical so this is probably not something simple (I hope)

I have had my 5000 for years.  On March 22nd it stopped recording info into the export files for daily.  I just upgraded to firmware 263 and gateway of 483.

Now I noticed that 2 of my MTU's are not recording or showing info.  I noticed the MTU's set to 120/240 BLK-WHT-RD... is that correct or did the firmware upgrade change something?

I did notice through the extensive testing I have been doing that there were a few times that the MTU's were show a set kW and volt level.  I turned on the drier and oven... nothing happened... no increase in the kW?  I restarted the gateway several times and then would see the increase would show up.  But I could never get it to record the data and export to the daily log file.

QUESTION:  After several years does the gateway get too full and stop recording info and should I clear it out.  I ended up clearing it out and erasing the history anyways as I thought this may be an issue.

After years of relatively pain free operation it now does not work?

The led's on the gateway show fine and I can look up everything on the TED 5000 dashboard so I know the gateway is connecting.  I just cannot get the system to read properly anymore.

I have not yet went out to the box to check the MTU's but we have not touched anything for years and it has worked up until March 22nd.

I just a few minutes ago exported the by second and minute logs and they show fine but the daily log shows nothing.  Not sure if the daily log only shows when the day is officially over?  We will see in a few hours I guess.