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Odd History tab results
« on: March 28, 2011, 03:26:11 PM »
My TED5000 had been working great since I installed it last July until last week when it dropped hourly data that had been there under the History tab to zero for a six hour period, it then added them all up as the total for the 7th hour - I reset it and considered it a mild glitch but now I'm not so sure.

Today it dropped all the hourly data before 1300 to zero & zeroed out the daily totals before last Saturday on the history tab, the Dashboard appeared to be keeping the correct totals so I checked the hourly  & daily history graphs where the data seems intact.  Reset both the MTU & Gateway several times but the problem did not clear up so I tried exporting the database. The hourly export has 2 lines for 3/28/2011 13:00 with 9 pages covering the hours between then and 4/14/2011 8:00 between them where the 3/28/2011 13:00, 14:00, 15:00... lines pick back up.

I haven't added, subtracted or changed anything since updating the firmware the first of March and did not have a power outage, the hourly & daily totals were there on the history tab at 6:00 this morning but messed up when I got home at 15:00, the time & other settings in Footprints are correct.  Any ideas on why this has happened or how I can recover without losing my data?

Gateway v1.0.406, Footprints v1.0.223, MTU v 1.0.61, daughterboard v1.0.48.

Thanks, Dan