Author Topic: How can I View my Footprints from a Remote Location?  (Read 14973 times)


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How can I View my Footprints from a Remote Location?
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:30:12 AM »
Question: I’ve connected my Gateway to my internet router, and I can view my data from my home computer,  but I can’t view my data remotely from my work computer or cell phone. How can I view my data remotely?

Answer: Routing or porting your TED-data to the Internet may seem like a complicated thing to do, so you may want to get a Rent-a-Geek – type individual to set this up for you.  If you would like to try port forwarding on your own, we recommend that you follow the instructions below, in conjunction with

1.)   Connect your Gateway to your router, if you have not already done so.
2.)   Write down the make and model of your router.
3.)   Visit and locate your router make and model.
4.)   You may wish to click “Skip this ad” in the right hand corner to continue to your router’s main Port Forward page.
5.)   Once on your router’s page, scroll down the alphabetical list to the letter “H” and find “HTTP Port Forwarding.”
6.)   Follow the  instructions for your specific router.

Note:  Please be aware that your external IP address may randomly change if you do not have a “Static” IP option with your Internet provider.  You may choose to enable a permanent IP address for a small fee with your Internet provider, or (if your router allows you to) you may use a Dynamic IP service to ensure that you won’t lose the IP address of the link to your home.
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