Author Topic: 3rd party posting "memory" limits  (Read 3124 times)


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3rd party posting "memory" limits
« on: August 21, 2012, 10:12:27 PM »
The limit of a 15 item data stack for the Gateway 3rd party posting is pretty restrictive. If the Gateway is set for 1 minute transmissions, this only provides a 15 minute window for tolerance of network outages, equipment failures, software servicing, etc. before the 3rd party server starts to lose resolution. I realize that overall power measurement will be retained, but there will be a gap between the last recorded measurement and the earliest measurement after restoration of services, a gap with resolution less than 1x/minute.

Is this a limitation of the software that can be overcome, or the hardware and we are stuck with it? The documentation states that the Gateway has much higher limits for accumulated data for display -- for instance 60 minutes of seconds data, 48 hours of minutes data, 90 days of hourly. What exactly is preventing the 3rd party server from having access to the 48 hours of minute resolution data?

I realize it is possible to provide other solutions which would a better toleration of failure -- but with networked connections there is always the possibility of losing the connection to the gateway even if there are 3rd party devices that are on the same local network.

Thanks, Erik.