Author Topic: Collecting data from the Gateway for long term storage and evaluation  (Read 1587 times)


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I have created a (Java) tool that collects data from my gateway and stores it in a MySQL database. I have tried to attach the package to this post, but it keeps timing out.  If anyone is interested in it, PM me and I will email it to you (unless someone has a better idea.)

The application can run standalone or be installed as a service on a Windows computer (so it always runs when your computer is on.)

You will need a MySQL database and Java to make this work. 
You will also need something to visualize the data (unless you are REALLY good with numbers.)  You can use Microsoft Excel to view the data from a MySQL database, but there are other tools available (I don't know any offhand, but I am sure they are available.)
You will need to edit the properties file with your customized parameters.

There is a README file in the bundle for a reason (please read it.) :P


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I sent a PM but don't know if you received it or if something happened to it post forum-glitch where it was out for a few days a little while ago.
Depending on its size, etc., I am willing to host the package on ftp. PM me to continue the conversation, or email to birdfeedr at verizon dot net.