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USB extension for TED
« on: July 04, 2014, 08:21:02 PM »
I needed to move TED to an outlet closer to my main panel. The original location had many devices with wall warts and after rewiring the outlet with a power strip to better manage the wiring I lost the ability to receive data packets from the transmitters. I tried a USB extender cable, but could not maintain the connection for more than a day or two. I then purchased a Quatech USBN-500 USB to IP adapter to connect TED to my HS server. When I installed the Quatech Device Manager drivers the PC would crash instantly when trying to connect to TED. I tried it on another PC just to be sure it was related to the PC and had the same problem (both Win XP). I contacted Quatech and after one week they sent me a new Engineering build of their software and now I can receive TED packets remotely. So far it looks very solid, I get data each and every second. The software version shipped with the adapter was, the new Engineering build is 1.0.027. Hope this can help someone in the future. I can make this build available upon request until it's provided by Quatech.