Author Topic: What is wrong with my new TED 5000  (Read 2170 times)


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What is wrong with my new TED 5000
« on: October 15, 2014, 02:15:48 AM »
A while ago I purchased a TED 1001 new in box for a small amount of money.  It worked for about a week and then stopped working.  The MTU blinked properly but the RTU stopped blinking.

Frustrated I purchased a TED 5000 new in box on Ebay for a lot more money.  It was totally new and the parts were all in their sealed wrappers. It also worked great for about a week and then it locked up.  There was a 5000 +/- kW on the display. I'd never seen this high a number but it could be possible as I have a hot tub with a 4kW heater and other appliances might have been on.   The MTU still blinks properly but the gateway does not blink except for a couple of blinks when I boot it up (but the green power light is on).  The gateway is on a dedicated circuit run just for the TED and the black wire for the MTU is also on this circuit.  The red wire is on a separate 120 breaker of opposite phase.  I have shut off the breakers for several hours several times to reboot it.  Again, it worked perfectly for about a week.

What could be the problem, the gateway or the MTU?  How can I tell what is bad?  


Edit:  I got it to work again  :D but don't know why as I did a number of things at once:

I noticed that in Footprints I had my max kW set at 5000 when in reality it was at more than 5000 was showing on  it locked up and stopped transmitting.  I set this value to 7000 well above my expected max .

I disconnected the red wire on the RTU and changed the corresponding setting in Footprints.

I changed Trans Amp to Med, and unchecked Noise Blanker (I don't know what these do, but was grasping at straws0

When I updated after these changes TED started to work.  I could go back and change each of these one at a time but am curious which most likely was the problem.

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Re: What is wrong with my new TED 5000
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2014, 05:15:36 PM »
Hello u2builder,

Most likely the culprit was the red wire connected. When using this configuration, instead of the black, red, white configuration, you double the PLC signal strength. We recommend only using the black and white wires, and making sure the breaker that is powering the MTU is also powering the gateway. Please reference our common issues page for more information.

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