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solar installation - verification
« on: July 11, 2015, 09:31:14 PM »
Just wired up a solar installation.  There are 200 amp breakers straight from the grid and I have a MTU on each of them (no way to have one MTU at grid power source).  I have a 3rd MTU on my solar inputs, which feed into one of the 200amp panels.  So, in Footprints, MTU1/2 are set to Net and MTU3 is set to Generation.  The Net and Generation numbers from Footprints worked fine.  To get the Load calculation to work I had to set MTU3 (solar) as a negative number.  Does that sound right?  I had installed the CT's for the solar inputs with the red dot facing out toward the PV system, which generated (correctly) positive numbers, then applied a -1 multiplier to the MTU.  I originally thought the software expected a positive number coming in, which is why I installed the CTs that way.  The numbers do now appear right but wanted to get confirmation given I've got 3 MTUs.  Thanks!