Author Topic: spyder readings corrupt after mtu changed  (Read 2038 times)


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spyder readings corrupt after mtu changed
« on: September 20, 2015, 10:18:30 AM »
I got a new MTU from support (the previous one was horribly off, the replacement appears to be accurate). 
Now the spyder units are horribly off, it appears to affect only the 20amp ones though (I'm using 4 60amp, and 3 of the 20amp). 
One of the 20amp units is a 240volt (car charger), and when the breaker is off it'll still measure over 100watts.  Other circuits will measure over twice what I know they're carrying (I have a clamp meter).

The spyders were working just fine before support replaced the mtu. 


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Re: spyder readings corrupt after mtu changed
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 10:49:36 PM »
Hello dukot,

It sounds like your replacement MTU might need to be updated. If you submit a support ticket at we can help you get the MTU updated. In the ticket please include your MTU version number.