Author Topic: How to Reinitialize TED Externally.  (Read 1612 times)


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How to Reinitialize TED Externally.
« on: January 11, 2016, 09:39:22 PM »
I currently monitor the TED stats page with my home automation system to collect MTU REC and MTU Skp metrics in order to track packet loss % (loss = MTU Skp / MTU Rec) trends.  After some time, I need to be able to reinitialize the Gateway as the MTU Skp numbers get stale and I want to refresh the stats so I can collect fresh data. Also if I detect that the gateways are "not connected" I would like to be abel to reboot them automatically so I don't loose a lot of data before I discover they are offline.

I saw a post here that replied to a user that the method to reinit/reboot the TED via an API call or other was proprietary.  In lieu of being able to perform a controlled reinit, I was considering replacing the outlets the gateways are plugged into with "smart" outlets that I can control. The way I use this is to power cycle the gateways by cutting power to the outlets and then turning it back on. I would rather not do that but as it seems "harsh" and amd afraid of corrupting data or harming  the hardware.

Does anyone know of a way to reinit the gateways that emulates the Restart TED under the Advanced menu?