Author Topic: Putting CTs in parallel / series to measure 4 feed wires in new main panel  (Read 2238 times)


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Howdy all,
  I just got a new 200A main panel installed, and it has 4 wires coming down from the power meter - 2 for each phase.  Each wire is attached to a 100A breaker.  The breakers are all tied together to trip together.

  I have an existing Ted Pro with 2 x 200A split-core CTs.  If I get 2 more 200A CTs, can I splice together the CT cables and put 2 CTs in parallel to measure the total current through the 2 wires of that phase?

  There's obviously lots of ways to do this wrong - get the wrong phase or polarity of the CTs backwards, but if I do this all properly, should it work, or is there a better solution?



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We offer wire harnesses that will allow you to do just what you are asking about. Just give sales a call and they will get you situated with what you need.

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