Author Topic: Raw Minutes duplicate data - error ?  (Read 3860 times)


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Raw Minutes duplicate data - error ?
« on: June 25, 2011, 11:09:35 PM »
I have been monitoring my TED5000 Gateway 1.0.406/ MTU 1.0.61 using

If the data for one minute exactly matches the data for the previous minute, then the
query does not return new data. It repeats the previous two datapoints. I'll number these 1 and 2.  

After one more minute, the query returns two new data points and they are identical excepting for the minute. I'll number these 3 and 4.

If the data does not match the previous point then a new data point is presented each minute. I would get points 1 and 2, then points 2 and 3, then points 3 and 4  over three consecutive minutes.

I do not have this problem if I use
That always gives me new data each minute and there are no duplicate seconds data prooving that the communications between the Gateway and the MTU have not been interrupted.

So, this must be a problem with the way that the Gateway and MTU interact. Since the minute data is averaged over one minute it is conceivable that there will be duplicate data points.

Please look into this and see if it can be confirmed and repaired.

Also, the XML and RAW history queries are inconsistant with the general documentation.
According to TED500/stats.htm I have MTU 1 connected to my gateway. But I have to enter


in order to get data from MTU1.

Looking forward to having these errors corrected.

P.S. I posted this message at 3:09 PM EST not 11:09 PM. That would put your server somewhere in Eastern Europe (GMT -3:00) unless your clock is off. (little things do matter)

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Re: Raw Minutes duplicate data - error ?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2011, 11:28:27 AM »
Answering your last point first, the interface uses a 0 based index.  Common to programming when dealing with arrays.

MTU1 = 0
MTU2 = 1

As for your polling returning interesting results, it is because you are pulling data from the gateway, not the MTU directly, and it is not guaranteed to be real time.  Close, but not guaranteed.

The gateway has to have a bit of time to process its data and create the minute and hourly data points.  Meaning the last compiled minute of data will not necessarily be ready on the minute.

To work around this issue, you will need to index the minute data you are getting, throw away any you have already logged, and fill in any missing points that may have not been ready to report when you polled.

In essence, it is up to your code to ensure data integrity.  The gateway will only give you what it has ready to your request.  Last 2 ponts of data is just that.  Not necessarily the last two minutes.