Author Topic: Using the TED6000 MTU without the ECC Base ??  (Read 871 times)


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Using the TED6000 MTU without the ECC Base ??
« on: April 19, 2020, 10:06:41 AM »
It's possible to use the MTU and Spyder without the ECC ??

My ECC base has been response less for nearly 2 years now. It stopped working in May 2018. The web page doesn't show and the unit seems unresponsive. I never got around to send it for repair :(

Now I have the TED6000 MTU and Spyder who seems to work well. They use a IT700-PIM to communicate. Could it be possible to replace the IT700 unit inside the MTU and replace it with a ESP32 ?? Or maybe use the IT700-PIM on the ECC base to connect it to a Raspberry or ESP32 (or arduino) to recuperate the data ? I could then interface towards home-assistant, ESPHome, Hubitat or Emon.

I think the TED software is getting old and being a closed system is not helping it. The forums here are mostly dead. I think that a project to recycle the mtu and spider into an open source system would give new life to the hardware (in my case a lot as currently I can't use my TED at all).

Edit: After a factory reset my ECC unit stays on red light (blue light on the left). The address is not accessible. LanScan utility sees no device at all. I replaced the internal coin battery as well. The unit is not responsive.
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