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Gateway History Corrupted
« on: March 04, 2021, 04:37:37 PM »
I have three gateways that seem to be not collecting history data for 1-2 MTU channels.  In gateway #1, MTU#1 & MTU#4 are collecting history okay. When a daily export is downloaded, the dates, times, and values are correct. If I download daily history data for MTU#2 & MTU#3, the year is 2018, the time and data are all zero values.

I would rather not erase all history data if possible to see if everything will start collecting correctly but would like advice if anyone thinks this would resolve the problem.  I don't see a way to clear history for a particular MTU. 

I actually swapped out the #2 MTU with another working MTU to see if it was the MTU. Still no data is being collected.

The real time wattage values are being displayed in the dashboard so the MTU's seem to not be the problem.

I am thinking this is a gateway problem but hope it is something that can be corrected.


p.s. anyone have a thought on why the verification steps needed to post will only accept 2020 as the current year?