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TED Admin:
The following TED Pro Series documents & videos can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Specifications and Dimensions
TED Pro Series Product Specifications -
TED Pro Series Product Dimensions -

Product/Installation Manuals
TED Pro Home / TED Pro Home Lite Manual -
TED Pro Commercial Series Manual -
TED Pro Commercial Installation Manual -
Spyder Manual -

Remote Access to TED Pro Series -

Software, Locating TED on your Local Network (Installation Utility) -


Household Saving with TED -
You will now have the ability to perform you own energy audit in your home/facility. This walk-through video shows several examples of how TED can be used to find energy hogs and phantom loads.

Business Saving with TED -
This video will show you how to perform an energy audit in your business/facility. This video shows several examples of how TED can be used to find energy hogs and phantom loads in your business. TED's Aggredata service, text message and e-mail alerts, as well as third party apps are also featured in this video.

120 VOLT Connection-
If you have connected both the black & red wires of the MTU and are not getting a reliable data-signal, this video explains how to change the connection in the panel to optimize the signal. This video also discusses the pros and cons of a 120 Volt Connection, as well as detailed information on choosing a proper breaker to use.

Software Setup -
This download is designed to help you identify the IP Address of your TED system. Once downloaded and run, the utility will scan your network to locate any TED-devices on your network. Once identified, simply highlight the TED device found, and click "Launch in Browser." TED Footprints will automatically launch at this point.

Software Settings -
This video will provide an overview of configuring Footprints Software. For additional or detailed help on setting up your Footprints Software System, please view our TED Footprints Software User Manual below.

Verifying TED Installation Direct Connection -
TED CT Connections (Rigowski Coils)-
Using a TED CT Harness-
Proper Connection of a TED Pro Series Current Transformer -


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