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Want to buy MTU6000

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Does anyone have a functioning MTU6000 willing to part with?

Unable to make a connection. I have 2 ECCs that exhibit the same LED behavior at power on which leads me to believe the MTU is the faulty part.

No help much from TED. They have no inventory, waiting on new product line during massive chip shortage, anticipated January 2022, and TED Pro v2.0 is not compatible with older models. They put me on a waiting list, but there's no telling how that will work out. Without it, the rest of the system is useless except for parts.

Looking for help from the forum. Send email to birdfeedr at, the forum messaging system is not working for me.

Thank you in advance.

Where are you from ?


I have the same issue. Ted Pro 6000 with a a dead MTU (boots to red LED, web interface doesn't respond.  I have a Spyder connected to a bunch of circuits etc and don't want to pull my panel apart and disconnect all of these circuits just to replace with something else. Looking for a used MTU. If the "2.0" solution does not reuse my Spyder etc and I have to tear apart my panel anyway then there will be zero benefit to replacing my Ted Pro 6000 with a new TED unit vs. looking at other solutions (will be the same effort to "upgrade").

At this point I'd. happy just replace the dead unit and keep my existing install "working".

You have a base unit (ECC) failure (same as me).

The MTU is the small box connected into your electric panel. The Spyder is connected to the MTU.

Many people are getting a failed ECC (base unit) but still working MTU's. The TED 2.0 won't use the existing MTU, so we are out of luck.

I will remove my MTU and Spyder from my panel and jus sell them to someone who still has a working ECC (web page unit)


This forum software is not as useful as it once was. Everyone who posts is labeled as Guest. So it's more difficult to tell who is responding. However, if you are signed in, it is possible to edit your post and display who it was edited by.

That being said, birdfeedr is located in the USA, east coast specifically.

The previous poster said the ECCs are the point of failure, but I'm not sure about that in my case. Background: I ordered a Home Pro kit in November 2020, received it and inspected it. Found the ECC had a disconnected daughterboard inside rattling around loosely. Requested a replacement and it was received. August 2021 rolls around and I finally got a Round Tuit so I could begin to install in a new location (I moved in July 2020, had other issues with higher priority). Did not work, verified panel setup by putting TED5000 in service successfully. When TED6000 starts up, ECC seems to display normal LED behavior except yellow or orange (not red) closest to the back, which Support says is failure to connect with MTU. Meanwhile MTU is blinking to display info sent, but nothing from ECC. However, the ECC is connected to the network and displays Footprints as expected. I broke open the case of the first ECC and connected the daughterboard. Both ECCs display the same bootup and LED status. This is what leads me to believe the MTU is at fault.

If someone has more experience with troubleshooting in this scenario, please chime in. My thinking is 1 part connected to 2 parts, and maybe the 2 parts are both defective, or the 1 part is. Just going on the percentages.

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The flip side is, if my assumption is correct and I find a working MTU to connect with an ECC, I will have a working spare ECC to help someone else out.
Email to birdfeedr at and make a reasonable offer.


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