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Alternative to TEDanything
« on: July 23, 2022, 07:35:04 AM »
While The Energy Detective has been unable to deliver TED 2.0 and unfortunately discontinued previous products and has no inventory or support for replacement parts, there is an alternative that actually works better. Check it out at or view the *open source* documentation at

Graphing is much more flexible, and while you don't have a dashboard like Footprints out of the box, the hardware outperforms the TED6000 Spyder system in which short term usage is missed giving incorrect accumulation of monitored circuits. IotaWatt samples and accumulates all circuits with equal priority.

I have been a TED advocate since TED 1000 because monitoring energy use is the first step to responsible management. However, interminable delays have led me to seek an alternative, and I found one at IotaWatt.

One disadvantage (or perhaps advantage over noisy PLC) is the requirement for CTs to be wired to the controller which also connects to 2.4GHz wifi. If code requires all low voltage wiring to be enclosed, then some have found success by mounting the system in an external ABS plastic box which is transparent to wifi.

I have been running TED6000 with 6 Spyder circuits simultaneously with IotaWatt monitoring the same. Total consumption of both systems are within 1% tolerance. I could tweak it easily, but out of the box is accurate enough for me. Where IotaWatt shines is accurate monitoring of individual circuits. Spyder fails in this regard. Totals accumulated are nowhere near accurate. For frequent short duration usage, it barely registers with TED.

Check it out. It's an alternative.
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