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X10 problems with switches
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:31:59 PM »
I have been trying to solve noise problems now for more than a week.

Running a 5000 series with two MTU's.  I have, at tech's suggestion, wired the Gateway and both MTU's to the same breaker with the black wires only, taped the red wires and set the Footprints to 120volts.  It seemed that when this happened the X10 problems increased in frequency.  At tech's suggestion, I purchased the X10 filter that TED sells and have installed it.  The X10 problems continue. 

I have confirmed that all X10 devices will work when the breaker is off that has the X10 filter, Gateway and both MTU's on it.  I have confirmed that the filter, gateway and MTU's are properly installed.  TED works (finally). 

The problem with the X10 system seems to be related to the devices which are using the wall switches.  I had to quit using one item that was on an appliance module because it was on the circuit with the X10 filter and it received no signals at all from the X10 controller or software.

It seems that the TED system is putting some type of interference/noise out that is causing the X10 controller to activate the switches but only to turn them on.  It never randomly goes off.  I did notice that if I pulled the X10 controller out of the loop - the switches did not activate from the TED directly so it has to have some connection between the TED system and the X10 controller.

I am starting to run low on ideas other than either send the TED back or abandon X10 for another product.


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Re: X10 problems with switches
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2011, 01:17:39 AM »
I know where you're coming from.  I tried all the same tricks, even went a step farther... After I ran a new dedicated circuit for the Gateway, MTU, and filter,... I moved ALL my x10 related circuits to the opposite phase from the new TED circuit (in the breaker panel).  This significantly helped but was not a 100% fix.  I still had/have one lamp module that would randomly come on two or three times a week.  I like my TED, and knew I would be up against the X10 challenge when I bought it.  ....however, I've slowly changed over to Z-Wave.  Ebay/Amazon have some great deals from time to time, and the zwave timer/controller i'm using puts my old X10 timer to shame. .... I still have a few x10 modules in my oldest daughters room, plan to change those out after the holidays and go back to the three wire hookup for the MTU.