Author Topic: Can you give us XML cross domain access to Ted?  (Read 3669 times)


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Can you give us XML cross domain access to Ted?
« on: December 20, 2011, 09:02:37 AM »
I would like to write an Html5 Canvas application for the iPhone and ipad and I would like cross domain access into Ted’s XML data.  Have you considered letting developers upload a small web page to the TED5000 server?  If I had a way of uploading a small page to the server it could reference my JS and CSS files from my hosted server keeping the file space (footprint) very small on the T5000.  Once the page was installed the users could easily access it with a url like http://ted5000/iPhonApp.htm.  All the T5000 would have to do is serve up that one HTML page and the rest would be served up from a hosted server.  This will get us around the cross domain XML access issue.  I want to keep my app simple and HTML5 and Jscript is the best bet way to do this in a cross platform application.  I know I can do it with a host server and having the T5000 push to a PHP script etc but I want to make this simple and easy without moving data over the net.

If you won’t let us upload a page to the Ted have you thought about adding “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *” to the T5000 HTTP response header?  We have had success with this on the iPhone, iPad and Firefox browsers.  IE requires a bit of setup to allow the cross domain access but can be made to work.  Anyway if you added it to the response header our Jscript running on the iPhone should have access to the T5000 XML data.

Just as an FYI this is to monitor the power our Chevy Volt is using.  I have a MTU dedicated to the Volt's charging circuit and want to access the data and present it on the iPhone similar to the sexy way the volt does it on the dashboard.