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Troubleshooting Videos
« on: February 24, 2011, 10:11:16 AM »
A list of troubleshooting videos can be found on the TED Website here:

Please watch the videos in order to ensure that you have your system set up correctly.  The troubleshooting videos assume that you have already watched our installation video.

Video 1 - Accessing Footprints - This video shows users how to access their Gateway with their computer.

Video 2 - Footprints Settings - This video shows users how to adjust their Footprints Settings.

Video 3 - Power Line Communication - This video discusses power line communication between the Measuring Transmitting Unit(s) and the Gateway.

Video 4 - 120V MTU Connection - This video focuses on a 120V Measuring Transmitting Unit connection in the breaker panel.

Video 5 - Filters - This video shows when an in-line or plug-in filter may be needed and how to install.

Video 6 - Wireless Display - This video shows how to properly set up and use the optional wireless display.
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