Author Topic: 3rd MTU history, fixed (but why?)  (Read 1888 times)


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3rd MTU history, fixed (but why?)
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:36:56 AM »
I just installed a 3rd MTU for my TED5000-C.  After a couple of days I noticed real-time power usage data was there, but hour/day history was not being rolled up.

Using Firebug & Firefox, I looked at the raw & xml calls from my browser to the gateway and noticed the following:
* rawdayhistory.raw, rawmonthhistory.raw, and rawhourhistory.raw for MTU=2 (3rd mtu) were all returning HTTP 200 OK, but 0 bytes of response whereas the other two MTUs were returning 900-1400bytes of response.
* rawsecondhistory.raw, which the GUI does not call but which I inferred by naming conventions and called manually, was correctly returning responses for MTU=2
* secondhistory.xml for all MTUs was fine and returning data, as was LiveData.xml

I followed the procedure I read from a TED support post that involved backing up settings, resetting to factory defaults, resetting totals to zero, and then restoring settings, and now my 3rd MTU is correctly rolling up data and returning it in the history UI.

Did I goof something the first time around in the config, or do additional MTUs sometimes require the gateway to be reset to defaults before they can roll up history correctly?  I just want to understand this so I know what to do when I eventually get my 4th CT/MTU set.

Also, when are we going to see a water detective sister product?  My water bill has been through the roof lately!  :)