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Title: How Does the TED5000 Integrate with other Products and Applications?
Post by: TEDMarketing on March 03, 2011, 03:28:09 AM
Question: How does the TED5000 integrate with other Products and Applications?

Answer: Our TED 5000 series integrates with several third party applications and products.

TED5000 was the first Energy Monitoring device to feature connection with GOOGLE POWERMETER.  This feature requires no networking skills to setup and allows you to view hourly graphs of Energy consumption from anywhere you have Internet access.  To activate from the TED5000 Footprints page, Select EDIT/Activate Google PowerMeter.  Other THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS are featured on the TED website:  If you have further questions about 3rd party application development or posting to a 3rd party server, see the Developer's section (,3.0.html) of this forum.

The TED1000 and TED5000 communicate over the home wiring (referred to as PLC, Power Line Carrier).  Other home automation/control products that operate over PLC are often referred to collectively as X-10 devices.  There are, however, many manufacturers and protocols.  Most home PLC home automation devices do not interfere with TED or vice-versa. There have been reports of specific interference with X-10 brand lighting control devices.  If you have these particular devices in your home, you may require the TED to be isolated by using an in-line filter.  More information on filters is available on this forum as well as in the troubleshooting videos on our website:

Keep an eye on this post for other devices and apps that become available…