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Title: No Load Profile Data
Post by: dy on March 04, 2011, 09:12:34 AM
I have a 5002-G and it's having issues displaying Load Profile data.  When I go to the Load Profile tab it will correctly display the state (on/off) of the load that I have configured, but the graph area always shows "Loading data..." followed by "No Data Found".   I'm running XP SP3 with IE8.

Here's the steps I've taken so far to try and correct the problem:
1) On the Load Profile Wizard I manually set up a profile for the water heater.  I let this run for several days and while the load profile tab would show if the device was on/off, no historical data would be displayed for that day or previous days.

2) Removed the profile for the water heater that I had manually set up and had the Load Profile Wizard discover the load.  I let it run for several days in this configuration with the same results as above.

3) Updated the gateway firmware from 1.0.400 -> 1.0.406
Updated the footprints firmware from 1.0.222 -> 1.0.223
Daughter board is version: 1.0.48
MTU is version: 1.0.64

4) After updating the firmware I get the same results as above.

5) Opened up a new browser window and entered the url to retrieve the Load Profile XML directly from the gateway.  This actaully works and I can see that all of the historical data is there.  I just can't see it from the footprints software.

Title: Re: No Load Profile Data
Post by: cindynsg on March 06, 2011, 04:16:10 AM
I'm having the same problem. I get no data from the load profile page and on the graph, the MTU 1 and MTU2 are going up and down simultaneously. If I can get a reading, It's negative numbers on the wrong MTU. I have tried loading the profile at night when the solar is off to no avail. I double checked that the right MTUs are listed in the profile properly. No luck
Title: Re: No Load Profile Data
Post by: dy on March 06, 2011, 10:32:18 AM
Here's a partial dump of the LoadProfileConfig xml in case that will help in trying to resolve the issue...  Everything looks ok according to the API documentation as far as I can tell.  Is it normal that I only have one device configured and it was assigned a key of 8?

- <LoadProfileConfig>
- <LoadProfileDevice1>
  <Description>Water Heater</Description>
- <LoadProfileDevice2>
Title: Re: No Load Profile Data
Post by: Gino on March 10, 2011, 09:58:52 AM
I have the most recent firmware and I had the same issue. I have been able to work around it by first deleting all profiles. Then set up a "Dummy Profile" as the first load profile, that in my case detects the load of a certain light fixture (180 watts). Then I set up the second profile to detect the load on my electric radiant heat. I also deleted all temporary browser files in Internet Explorer as well. Here is a link to a site that Loren mentioned the "Dummy Profile"

dy, How did you "enter the url to retrieve the Load Profile XML directly from the gateway"? I do know the IP address of the gateway, but could you share the rest of the path?

Title: Re: No Load Profile Data
Post by: dy on March 10, 2011, 01:04:14 PM
You can get to the load profile data directly via:


This was obtained from the API documentation. (

If you try and get the historical minute or second data from the unit in XML format, it does take some time (20-40 secs) for the data to be returned.  I would suggest pulling it down in raw format if you set up a program to retrieve data on a frequent basis.  It appears that the historical minute data is kept for 48 hours, the seconds data is kept for about 1 hour.