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Title: Well, I bricked it.
Post by: flybeech on July 26, 2013, 01:50:38 AM
I've done updates before without a hitch, but I bricked my TED5000 this time. Besides a little intermittent zero reading and the display battery that died after the first week, I've become quite fond of my device. It gives great real-time data and I'll sure miss it while it's gone for service. With the TED5000, I get all the same information Homeland Security and the NSA does through the SmartMeter.

Right or wrong, I decided to install the system and Footprints update. The 499 update kept hanging on install, so I went ahead and successfully installed the Footprints firmware. So far, so good. Everything is still working. Then, after multiple earlier failures, the 499 update successfully installed. That was the last time I could communicate with the gateway. All the lights functioned normally, but the utility tool just couldn't find the device. Even the hard reset button did nothing, still communicating with the MTU and all lights flashing normally. It defied access, both through the router and directly connected to the computer.

Tech support was easy access and helped me all the way. When the field testing was over, it was determined to send it in with $30 for a factory firmware install. He even said he'd take care of the display battery.

Moral of the story, if a system update doesn't go right, stop and call TED and do not install Footprints before system ware.
Title: Re: Well, I bricked it.
Post by: flybeech on August 04, 2013, 01:51:42 AM
I sent the complete device to the factory for repair with $30. They fixed the corrupted firmware with the updated version, found and replaced a weak power supply capacitor and sent me a brand new display to correct the battery problem. From the time I shipped it out 'til I got it back was about 9 days. Hooked it up and it's performing flawlessly. Thanks guys.