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Title: wierd very high readings
Post by: jencliff on November 28, 2016, 02:28:34 PM
The following is from my History:

Sun 11/27  1.9 kWh   $ 0.22
Sat 11/26   -6789.9 kWh  $ -782.62
Fri 11/25   19.1 kWh   $ 2.21

The Fri & Sun readings are normal.  The Sat is extreme - I have not seen this before.  The extreme readings occurred in a period between 5am & 9am.  I have a solar pv grid system included, so the negative reading would reflect solar production being sent into the grid.  The solar production reporting was normal throughout the period.  There was no power outage or unusual electrical activity during this time period.

Any ideas as to cause? and should I be worried?  If so, about what?

Title: Re: wierd very high readings
Post by: Support7 on December 05, 2016, 09:45:40 AM
This could just be a glitch in the software or a surge in the system from a power outage or something similar. Or it could be a symptom of a loose CT connection or sign the CT connections were adjusted while the MTU was powered up. The MTU needs to sense the CT connections on power up so if any adjustments to the physical connections are made then it should be done with the MTU power cable unplugged. If this is a possibility then you can power cycle the MTU and it should resolve it. 

If you run into any questions or anything please let us know by going to ( and fill in the requested information to submit a support ticket so we can work to resolve any issues that may arise ASAP and make sure we provide the right firmware for any updates requested or required.
Have a wonderful day!

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Title: Re: wierd very high readings
Post by: tmarks11 on January 01, 2017, 10:43:30 AM
Voltage spike or brownout causing spurious data.  Very annoying because it distorts your statistics, and make the graphs unreadable.  

Unfortunately, TED gives us no way to edit the historical data in the TED5000, so you are stuck with enormous readings.  This happens to me once every year or so.  I have my MTU and gateway downstream of a filter.

So the months graph is useless (all because one instantaneuos reading saw an unrecognizable value of voltage or current so pasted the default reading of 214748364.7).


TED: why can't you modify the software to record a value of 0 when a reading is unintelligible?  My graph above is missing several years worth of data because I have reset totals to zero repeatedly to get rid of values like this.

This has been discussed previously REPEATEDLY and we were promised a fix was in the works....5 years ago.

It was on their "to-do" list back in September of 2011. Guess that they still have not got around to "To-Doing" it yet.

Come on guys. It has been close to a year since you said it was on the "To-do" list,
Title: Re: wierd very high readings
Post by: ThermoMan on February 06, 2017, 06:25:42 PM
I pretty much have exactly the same problem.
There was a meltdown in the alleyway behind my house where a transformer lost one of the phases.  The readings were crazy when that happened and I pretty much ignored it, but now that I'm getting solar panels installed I'd like to clean up my historical data so my charts are usable again - I want to specifically look at before/after comparisons and the before are unreadable.
Title: Re: wierd very high readings
Post by: Support7 on February 07, 2017, 12:29:24 PM
Unfortunately changing the code to enable a data editor was not feasible so the only way to clear the data within the graphing tab is to erase the history. You do have the option to Export the data into a spreadsheet and edit the spreadsheet to reflect correctly but there is no way to upload that back into the system.

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