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Title: Generation data not being captured
Post by: NormShea on February 08, 2020, 11:14:17 PM
Beginning in January, my Generation data stopped being documented in my data.  The odd thing is that the Desktop Display will show what seems to be accurate values when Generation is greater than Consumption and Generation will show up in the browser Second Live View.  But in the browser Minute View Live and other browser graph displays, as well as the History browser display, no generation shows up.  In the History browser window, all the data, except for December is gone, where the Month History had all the data prior to January.  And exported data is corrupted, for example, when the Export Daily Data is selected, there will be multiple occurrences of the same day, where the same export for Consumption shows only single day occurrences (as expected).

The Desktop Display does appear to have had it's rechargeable battery go bad relatively recently (though I'm not sure exactly when because I don't remove it that often).  If it is removed from the cradle, it immediately shuts down.  Any thoughts on what might be going on?