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Title: ***TED5000 Announcement***
Post by: TED Admin on July 21, 2021, 02:10:35 PM
Please note that the TED5000 was discontinued in 2014.

We no longer support this product due to a number of incompatibilities outside of the TED system itself. We’ve seen issues that we simply cannot support deriving from Web browsers, Operating Systems, OS updates and even new routers on the market that are incompatible with

Although we no longer support this product there is extensive information here in the support forum.

In addition here is a troubleshooting guide that has helped others resolve their issues.

TED 5000 Troubleshooting Guide-

You can also try updating to the latest firmware. The most up to date versions should be as follows: Gateway version is 499 and the Footprints Version is 281

Gateway Firmware Download:
Footprints Version Download:

Instructions to update the firmware
Go into settings and note or make screen shots of MTU and Display IDs (SNs). Save the two attached files. From Advanced, select Update firmware. Browse to the gateway file first and load it. WAIT a good 3 minutes for that file to load, then refresh the page and load the Footprints file in the same manner. Should the Footprints page not load after the gateway file is loaded, type your IP address followed by /api/fpupload to access the image upload page. Browse to the Footprints file and load. It will take a minute or so.