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re my ticket 473
« on: March 11, 2011, 10:02:09 AM »
I am curious what the various parameters on the stats.htm page tell me about line quality.
I know MTU Rec are the received packets.. the MTU Skp the skipped ones.. I am at about 1%.. as long as I don't turn on some specific CFLs.   I need the in line filter to clean that up.

What are the LQI and DB LQI values I can see on the display ?  Is that all zigbee related or is it also somehow related to the PLC going on ?

Are there any other #s on the stats.htm page or available on any other pages that tell interesting information ?

Is there a list of all pages that one can use ?  stats.htm, footprints.html   any others ?  I have another post to ask about the id / pwd parameters to to a get to get minute data unattended ... I may turn off the pwd for all but configuration but I am worried other destructive functions can be done with just the configuration password activated (like resetting gateway, wiping out data )   I'm not too eager to try them to find out if they work w/o a pwd or not.

Appreciate some direction