Author Topic: Why are the LOAD PROFILES I am adding to the TED 5000 NOT being saved ?  (Read 2022 times)


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After my TED 5000 Gateway died  :(  I replaced it with a replacement gateway and installed the latest firmware on hand, ie Gateway firmware version 1.0.499 and FootPrints version 1.0.281.  After I used the System Settings Wizard, it looks like the TED 5000 is monitoring my power usage on MTU 1 and  Solar production on MTU 2.  However, when I try to configure any loads in the LOAD PROFILE, the LOAD PROFILE WiZARD accepts my inputs for a new load profile, but after saving the settings and closing the wizard, there are no load profiles on my LOAD PROFILE tab.  I've tried rebooting the Gateway, no Joy.

Is this feature still available/supported with my firmware revisions ?
Everything else appears to work (except for the Weather Panel on the Live Dashboard).

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Re: Why are the LOAD PROFILES I am adding to the TED 5000 NOT being saved ?
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The TED 5000 has been running into some issues with browser compatibility over the last couple of years. The issue causes the device to save information in inappropriate locations on the memory of the PCB. To get around this error, people have had success using Internet Explorer (if you are on Windows), and the 2016 version of Firefox (for Linux and Mac). Below is the link to the Firefox version in case that is what you need!